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Teen Staff Leadership Program

Camp Winnarainbow

Teen Staff Leadership Program


Camp Winnarainbow is a community created to encourage youth leadership through circus and performing arts. We have constructed an environment where people from all walks of life on every end of the spectrum come to work, play, and share their journeys together. We believe once you have played and imagined together, someone you may have seen as “other” just isn’t anymore. During the many years of our teen staff program we have seen and experienced the profound effect it can have on staff, youth, and parents who come to camp. In the words of Wavy Gravy, “It truly gives us nostalgia for the future.


The Teen Staff is camp’s leadership program. It is designed to give youth ages 15-17 training and mentoring in working with children as well as the opportunity to further their circus and performing arts skills. Founded on mutual accountability, respect and consent the goal of The Winnarainbow Teen Staff Leadership Program is to provide a safe environment for young people to grow. Along with BIG FUN, youth leaders build a peaceful, harmonious and sustainable culture. We believe that through these experiences campers gain valuable skills that carry on throughout their life by learning how to create community and by being an unconditional member of that community. Camp Winnarainbow provides an environment where teenagers can gain and practice leadership skills while building confidence in finding their own Voice. The MAGIC of Camp is created by the community, the adult staff and most importantly the teen staff.


Our Vision:

·     Curating healthy environments of love, safety, and respect for campers and the community as a whole.

·      Developing skills in listening, creativity, compassion and care for other people’s children, critical thinking, communication, cross cultural agility, and restorative practices.

·     Continued training of circus and performing art skills through performance and assisting with classes.

·     Encouraging self-confidence by creating theater and being an active member in the community.


BE MAGIC—foster Belonging, create Engagement, encourage Mastery, embrace the Adventurous, inspire Generosity, raise Independence/interdependence, and grow Compassion





Who and What is The Teen Staff?

·     Teen staffs are former campers. Becoming a member of the Teen staff means that you are responsible and trustworthy.

·     Your maturation process has shown that within you is the ability and desire to be nurturing. Joining a community that works for the campers.

·     Voicing concerns about the system in front of campers is not ok. All issues and problems should be directed to Osayande, Yatiel, or Simone. We Will Listen.

·     As a teen staff you are a role model to younger campers. As such, be an enthusiastic participant in all circles, exercises and all activities. 


JS1, JS2, JC’s: What’s The Difference?


JS 1 (1stYear Junior Staff):  JS 1s are campers’ half time and staff half time. They are required to pay half the camp fee and are learning and developing skills on the job. Responsibilities include taking on supportive roles in the tipi as well as being role models for younger children.


JS 2 (2ndYear Junior Counselors): JS 2s attend camp on a quarter pay basis. Their roles and responsibilities grow with their experiences in camp, building on the previous year. Developing relationships and mentoring younger people in central to the role of a JS 2.


JS 3 (Junior Counselors): JCs have the highest level of responsibility on the Teen Staff. A JC is one year away from becoming an adult staff camp counselor. They are given more duties and may be asked to substitute a class while the teacher is away. JCs are also required to participate in adult staff duper team meeting. JCs should know the ends and outs of the teen staff, and should take on a greater role within the tipi. JCs will be asked to lead small groups or “pods” to help train younger staff throughout the session.




General Teen Staff Duties


·     Present for tipi clean-up, bedtime, and wake up.

·     General support and encouragement for campers.

·     Supervision of campers as directed by adult staff or by the schedule.

·     Being vigilant when observing any issues arise with campers.

·     Gathering tipi laundry on laundry day.

·     Knowing all rules, guidelines, and boundaries.

·     Assisting with dishes when your tipi is assigned.

·     Being prepared to assist in emergencies by becoming trained in First Aid, CPR, and conflict resolution.

·     Being on time and present for all assigned jobs per the schedule