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Grace and Joy Scholarship Fund

Over twenty years ago, I arrived at Winnarainbow a very sad, scared, confused and at times angry eleven year-old child. I had been separated from my siblings and placed into foster care three years before and remnants of the physical abuse I endured in my early years still lingered with me. Three years in foster care had only compounded my fears and confusion. I had been placed in a home absent of love - no kisses, no hugs, and no reassurance.

I will never forget my first day at camp...my two sisters and I were reunited not just for a couple of hours, but a time where we would spend a whole month together - day and night.

Sam Barkin Memorial Fund

Many of you expressed a wish to create something in Sam’s memory, to carry on his legacy, and to cement his friendship and love. After much thought, his family has decided that a fund honoring Sam’s name at Camp Winnarainbow would do just that and so much more.