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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Communicate With My Child?

We know that staying in touch with your child is important to you, just as communication from home is important at camp. Though we do not have visiting days or access to phones for your camper to contact you there are several ways you can be in touch while they are at camp. 

Letters and Packages! We go to the post office every weekday (they are closed Saturday and Sunday) to get letters and packages that you send. Our office processes the mail and sends letters into camp the afternoon we receive them. Packages are given out the next day after lunch. The USPS address is
[Your camper's full name]
Camp Winnarainbow
PO Box 1359
Laytonville, CA 95454

UPS and FedEx is
[Your camper's full name]
Camp Winnarainbow
50350 N. Highway 101
Laytonville, CA 95454

Phone! We are encouraging your campers to be "unplugged" from electronics at camp. Sometimes as parents we just want to talk to our kids! We have seen this cause homesickness where they may not have been having any. We do offer check-ins for you if you give us a call at (707) 984-6507; we will have the supervisor who works with your camper's tipi counselors discreetly check on your child specifically and call you back within 24 hours with an update any time during the session. 

Email and Fax! Email your child at arainbow@mcn.org or fax to (707) 984-8087 we will print the email/fax and send it with the letters from the USPS that afternoon. Please include your camper's FULL NAME (if you know what tipi they're in, include that as well. If not no worries, we do!) in the subject for email, at the top of the page for faxes. 

Care Packages! Care packages are a fun thing to send and a fun thing to get. Page 13 of our Family Handbook has lists of good things to send and things not to send. Keep in mind that any food items should be able to be eaten that afternoon as stored food can attract critters. 

Our Camp “Mom” and her multi-talented staff create three delectable meals a day, worthy of your favorite restaurant. Each meal offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives and we can accommodate those with food allergies or other reasonable dietary considerations.  Our open air dining area is superb - wooden picnic tables under the shade of oak and bay trees along the creek. There is a coffee and tea corner brewing your favorite drinks all day long.

Shared lodging is available in one of the 17 large, custom made tipis or, if you prefer privacy, you are welcome to bring a tent and find rest in one of our wooded campsites. There are tipi’s designated by gender as well as mixed company, even a tipi for people who snore! Comfortable canvas covered foam sleeping mats are sweet dream certified and the tipi circle is close to hot showers, wash basins and flush toilets.


Camp Winnarainbow is nestled in a forested area of beautiful Mendocino County.  It is approximately a three hour drive north of San Francisco, CA on Highway 101.  The nearest town is Laytonville, CA.  View The map.